"Without the Duxlink SNAC service diagnosed me for acute heart attack in my bedroom, I would not survived. My family called 911 for my chest pain a month ago and the paramedics from the ambulance determined that I did not need to go to hospital. I thought this episode of chest pain was the same. Thanks to the God, the tele-cardiology monitor showed it was real heart attack this time. My cardiologist at Duxlink picked up and treated me on time. I would not survived of this heart attack and subsequent cardiac arrest without the telemedicine device and the service."

Stanly M, 88 year old. December 26, 2014


"The cardiac monitoring has provided me a piece of mind over 1 year. When I had arrhythmia while I traveled 2000 miles away from home, my cardiologist diagnosed my arrhythmia immediately. After the right medication on time, my heart rhythm back to normal quickly without going to emergency room to see other doctor I don't know."

Kelby K 67 year old, March 22, 2014


"My initial blood pressure was 230/120 mmHg when we met the cardiologist at Duxlink. And I did not realize that I had renal failure, heart failure and a small stroke. After one month intensive monitoring and treatment, even many times a day communication with my doctor directly, my health back to normal and I can enjoy jogging again. The most important to me is that I did not need to stay at hospital a single day with my busy work and travel schedule during this process."

Eustace L, 51 years old, Oct 20, 2014

"My hidden arrhythmia was missed by over the counter ECG after my bypass surgery. Without the specialty cardiac monitor and Duxlink service, I would probably had a stroke already."

Ramez H, 71 years old, November 16, 2014