In general, procedure overutilization and waste is extremely high in healthcare comparing with other industries, estimated ~50% of care based on a review published on JAMA 2013. However, procedure underutilization on the other side is also extremely high. It represents missed lifesaving clinical and technical procedures as much as 30-85% of care, leading to reduced quality of life, lost revenues and potential hospital legal risks in deviation from standard care.

Procedure Utilization Management is the core technology developed by MDIN over the last 10 years. It will fill in the gap of current information flow:

  • Integration with all EMRs
  • Identify over/under-utilization
  • Fill out the care gap compliant to the standards

In October 2013 MDIN was awarded a contract to provide the platform for a Guideline Directed Therapy using EMR (GDT-EMR) clinical trial at one of the best cardiology hospitals in the US. The sponsored randomized clinical trial was the 1st trial of its kind on procedure utilizations without enroll any patients. The cost for a traditional trial with patient enrollment is $8,000 to $12,000 per patient. Our analytics-based study has 80% of savings in time and 98% saving in cost.

The retrospective analysis, reviewed approximately 2,000 patients diagnosed with cardiomyopathy within designated time in 2013 at one of the best hospital system in the US: using the MDIN MPM platform automated algorithm.

Out of the 254 identified patients:

  • 37% received ICD/CRT based on the Guidelines
  • 15% not indicated based on the Guidelines
  • 39% indicated but not received the device treatment
  • 9% unfortunately deceased within the year

Out of the 39% of patients indicated but have not followed or never even been evaluated for the life-saving procedures. Based on international established databases, 43 lives could be saved with improved quality of life as well as additional hospital revenues ~ $3.8 million.