Bringing Hospital Care to Patients Anytime and Anywhere TM


1. Enrollment to Facility

The lack of onsite medical Specialists, the lack of disease specific equipment, and the lack of acute event focused monitoring and care services, all limit the facilities ability to expand its services to potential skilled bed and rehabilitation patients.

2. Admissions / Readmissions to Hospital

Specialty patients, such as CHF, are admitted or readmitted back to hospital, driven by the lack of facility medical specialists and on site evaluation technologies. This will drive to the primary care physicians, and facility nursing staff to continue the same patient care, without adjusting to meet the continuity care after hospital discharge. Therefore, the patients with acute events are usually admitted or readmitted to hospital without immediate evaluation and care.


Duxlink?s SNAC? (Specialty Network for Acute Care) Services provides facilitates access to immediate specialty care to control hospital admissions/readmissions.

The Duxlink SNAC? comprehensive monitoring system to receive, reviewing, and act on live patient data at remote care sites. The SNAC? cart include diagnostic tools and fully supported EMRs, monitored by Duxlink providers for real time diagnosis and treatment.

The real-time solutions address the current value-based health care mandate. Duxlink connects specialty clinicians in real time via the state-of-art specialty telemedicine system to stop unnecessary admissions or readmissions to hospitals.