Bringing Hospital Care to Patients Anytime and Anywhere TM

Duxlink provides the MEDICARE patient a specialized personalized service, Via the SNAC ecosystem. Specially designed to meet the MEDICARE patient?s needs with the new criteria Availability, Accountability and Ability.

  • Availability: Duxlink offers 24/7 live monitoring. Our unique infrastructure can access your care data, such as blood pressure, glucose, even EKG, enabling the coordination of rapid treatment, and immediate care. 
  • Accountability: Duxlink offers proactive and comprehensive care. From daily health care, to specialty care by a team of internists and specialists. Our MEDICARE program is staffed by physicians that serve our patients, providing dedicated care and in-depth clinical research on your individual health. Your personalized and comprehensive care can include biochemical, imaging, medical or mental health as well as state of art treatment or personalized holistic and alternative medicine, tailored to your needs. Our professional staff will work with you to strategically map out a proactive prevention and customized treatment plan. 
  • Ability: Duxlink physicians are currently working/connecting with top US hospitals preforming variety of surgeries and procedures. Our patents have access to on-site live monitoring and treatment tools, to provide the family with the comfort of the highest quality health care services. Cardiac emergencies can be monitored by our patented state-of-the-art equipment live immediately, and communicated to designated hospitals or fields services transportation ambulance if needed. 

Duxlink, provides new MEDICARE healthcare standards that exceed the traditional service. The Pioneer of GOT Medicine: Genomic testing for your past, Office consultation for your present and Telemedicine for your future in health.