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Challenges: Readmissions

The most challenging issue facing hospitals is readmissions, such as evidenced by Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). This most costly cardiac diagnosis generates an estimated to 37.2 billion in annual cost with estimated $17.4 billion attributed to unplanned readmissions. Clinical studies have demonstrated that near 1/3 CHF patients have been undertreated at discharge, even at the best US Hospitals. An estimated $12 billion of the unplanned readmission has been traced to lack of appropriate patient care, including delayed treatment or follow-up visits as well as ill-defined causes of CHF without certain appropriate diagnostic and treatment procedures.

Solutions: SNAC? Readmission Service

A balanced approach to over-utilizations of readmissions and underutilization of treatment will fill the gaps in the fragmented workflow in care, and data flow in management process:

  • Data Analytics: Duxlink SNAC? Analytics provides data integration to identify high risk patients.
  • Disease Management: Our SNAC? ecosystem enable true continuity of care for long term management for chronic diseases.
  • Specialty Telemedicine: Our SNAC tele-medicine technologies provide real time monitoring and personalized acute care with 24/7 availability

Working with hospital staff and community physicians, the Duxlink staff are able to provide specialty care for patients at the time of the acute event with our proprietary telemedicine, analytic technologies to dramatically decrease / unnecessary readmissions.