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High cost admissions caused by a lack of acute specialty evaluation and immediate specialty care testing, monitoring, and data analytics

ACOs, primary care physician groups, or even specialists practicing in communities find themselves unable to evaluate patients acute event, such as chest pain or CHF without tele-medicine technologies with the patient. Current urgent care centers are also face the same dilemma when not equipped with specialty technology and services. The gap in service structure result in a high rate of ER visits, admissions/readmissions, leading to high cost and low quality care for the patients and ACO.

Solutions: Office SNAC? (Specialty Network for Acute Care):

Customized Link and Care from the Duxlink SNAC technology provides specialty urgent care at the patient location with specialty medical equipment as well as communication equipment for interactions between patients/providers at any remote site, 24/7 to cover any patients. The service will fill out the gap of the care process after hospital discharge to provide unguent and specialty care to significantly decrease unnecessary hospital admissions and readmissions.