"Dux" means leader in Latin. Duxlink Health is to strive linking leaders in technology, medicine and IT, leading the cutting edge for the best healthcare. Duxlink's tele-medicine service has been established since 2004. Initiated with remote imaging interpretation, Duxlink has been expanding its services into diagnosis and treatment of variety chronic diseases in the US, Caribbean and Far East. Working with many alliances on device, IT and healthcare services, Duxlink has invented the very 1st I4Care™ System and Service in the world with Interreality, Inter-transition, Inter-Entity and Integration.

  • Interreality:
    providing both on-site physical care in person (hospital, office, home) and remote virtual care (tele-medicine over the Internet)
  • Inter-transition:
    focusing on care transition between entities of an entire clinical care process from hospital transition to a nursing home, home care, assisted living or patient at home. The transitional care is one of the most costly gaps for the healthcare today
  • Inter-entity:
    focusing on clinical and financial management of procedure utilizations or transaction between entities based on both quality and cost
  • Integration:
    focusing on the entire process as overall clinical and financial outcomes, not individual steps form separated entities
  • Current healthcare is being delivered by independent/isolated entities running vertically in silos based on procedures/services defined by fee-for-service model and CPT codes form hospitals, rehab hospital/nursing home, physician office and homecare. The main operational goal for all entities is to optimize services and volumes without any financial ties to the clinical outcomes and overall healthcare cost.

    Now, CMS has released a set of regulations and processes to implement a new model, pay-for-performance in the next 6 years based on the most recent Medicare plans. It is focused on the entire care process horizontally, not individual vertical care entities/steps, for better overall clinical outcomes and less cost. This will be fundamentally shifting the healthcare paradigm of how a care delivered and reimbursed.

    The challenge is that no entities are prepared in both technical systems and clinical services, for the horizontal transformation, since all the entities created for specific vertical care steps. Until now, Duxlink has invited the horizontal I4Care™ Eco System and I4Care™ services to deliver the best overall quality of healthcare to patients and facilities with the least expenses possible.